Minds Matter Tour Day 1 complete!!

Firstly, thanks to my amazing Wife, Lorisa, for driving two hours to the Old Man River, setting up camp overlooking the river, and cooking dinner! I am so spoiled! Tomorrow, I load up the bike with all my gear for the ride to Waterton.

I was feel8ng pretty queasy when i finally rolled in after a day pf tryin to balance electrolytes and water. Some growing leg cramps, compounded by constant up and down hill today (and my lack of hill training this year)! Got it sorted out though.

My ACH Foundation fundraising link is not working. I’ve emailed them. If you want to donate to #albertachildrenshospitalfoundation Minds Matter Tour, please try back in a day or two. Thanks!

Manwhile, the #RMHCSK fundraiser for the Prince Albert Family Room at Vitoria Hospital is going well. It’s also a great cause to donate to. There were over 1,500 families from across central and northern SK used this facility in 18 months since it ooened in 2016. Wow! I can’t wait to atop in there next Saturday.

Will try to snap some photos tmw!

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