Minds Matter Tour Day 6

The Longest Day. 250 km.

After getting off the road in Leader, SK, due to severe thunderstorm watches and warnings, there was a lot of catching up to do if I was to meet up with Jane and Dave, and get to Tom and June’s place in Elbow.

After an early breakfast, with lots of BACON at the motel in Leader, I finished the never-ending rask of packing and was soon on the road north to Eatonia. Had a bit of muscle pain in my left leg and stopped to stretch.

Next stop was at the bridge over the beautiful South Saskatchewan River for some photos. After the climb out of the valley, it was a gentle 40 km to Eatonia.

I continued on through this pretty town, thinking of the 300 or so km I might need to ride. I quickly had the advantage of a fairly strong tailwind and was averaging 30 km/hr. A friendly lady, Michelle, chatted with me at a construction stop, and kindly donated to #rmhcsk! Kindness!!

Kindness continued at the next stop at the Co-Op in Eston when Steve donated, and then insisted on buying my groceries! You are amazing, Steve. God bless you. Then one of the Co-op staff donated (sorry I forgot your name) – THANKS!

Back on the road for the 55 km to Elrose, and what a beautiful stretch of new road and scenery. Stopped for a long break in Elrose in the afternoon heat.

Off next to Dinsmore on a very rough, deteriorated section of road, then north on similar road to the Highway to Outlook.

The live tracker allowed Jane and Dave, and hosts Tom and June to see my location and progress. Jane and Dave arrived as I passed the 250 km mark and declining daylight. We had

a heavy lift of my bike and gear into their truck, then drove the remaining stretch to the small village of Elbow.

We’ve been blessed with Tom Wilson and June Evan’s hospitality here. They are the nicest people. They’ve treated us to delicious food, warm beds, music and every little tbing they can do to help. Love you two.

Onto day 7 after a delicious breakfast.

#mindsmattertour #rmhcsk #albertachildrenshospitalfoundation

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