Minds Matter Day 7 – Overcoming Adversities

Today got off to a great start – Tom Wilson and June Evans prepared a delicious breakfast, and we even had a couple of songs from Tom – thanks so much you two. It was so special to spend time with you, and a really happy time to be off the bike and enjoying some needed rest. You are the best hosts!

Some adversity started with today’s strong NW wind. We rode into it from Elbow, SK, much of the day. Saddle sores are painful by day 7, despite chamois cream! pain killers required.

The day remained nice, despite the wind. But by evening, there were some heavy downpours snd a lot of lightning. Dave and I called off the ride just outside Rosthern. We ran into a restaurant as the power went out. Jane had gone ahead after cycling the first 115 km with me and I started the ride through Saskatoon with Dave. Meanwhile, Jane set up camp (three tents) and got dinner started! So sweet!

It’s been tremendous having Jane and Dave on the ast two days of the ride. They are very strong and experienced cyclists, understand the purpose of the ride, and can manage the adversities that come up on a ride like this, be they physical or logistical.

200+ km days are not easy. They require the attitude of knocking off a km at a time and often a ‘don’t give up’ mindset. When weather, mechanical, health or other challenges raise self doubts, it can be so hard to keep going. the physical pain of this ride is difficult on some days, especially having sat on a bike loaded down with gear for 10 or more hours every day, ensuring water and nutrition and managing camp logistics amid ongoing fundraising and blogging.

All of this is nothing compared to what seriously ill children and families go through each day. It’s temporary adversity compared to having a seriously ill child or losing a child due to a physical or mental illness. This ride started as a fundraiser and advocacy project for AB Children’s Hospital Foundation – Child & Adolescent Mental Health. It’s called Minds Matter.The ride also created the opportunity to remember beautiful Mason in supporting the Ronald McDonald House Charities-SK Family Room in Prince Albert. Mason and his family, my own family, and friends and strangers that help the cause along the way are the foundation of this ride and their strong spirit

kept those wheels turning through the good days and bad.

Tomorrow, we ride to Prince Albert to visit the Family Room, then onto Emma Lake, the final destination on this 8-day, 1,500 km ride, but only a small part of a bigger, ongoing journey.

thanks for your outpouring of support and donations. I’ll continue to have the fundraising pages set up for donations snd will announce plans for future events here.

love Graham and Family

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