MEDi Robots and Mason’s Legacy

It’s been a while since I’ve written. Hope everyone is well.

After all the fun days of cycling to Emma Lake, I had a relaxing time with family there, then started the long process of editing some video from the ride.

A long drive back to Calgary (no, I didn’t cycle, although cycling definitely is the way to enjoy every beautiful aspect of the prairies), and we were back to work and to a fantastic 1 1/2 week visit from my brother and his family, visiting from Abu Dhabi. It’s been way too long since we’ve seen them, and it was so nice of them to get all the way out here for a visit. I did put in some late nights to finish the video (will add to my next post). And, despite all the smoke from the wildfires, we made the most of it!

I was reminded again this week of the lasting legacy that many kids with cancer and serious illness leave, so often in the tragedy of their short lives. A meeting with a MEDi robot at Alberta Children’s Hospital and a wish to have a career in nursing led 6 year old Mason to wish for a MEDi robot in his home Province of Saskatchewan. Although he sadly passed away at 7 last year, his wish became true this week. Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon now has a MEDi robot. The ability of these robots to calm and entertain sick kids in their worse moments of fear and pain is incredible. What a lasting piece of joy and happiness.

I’ve started planning a little fundraising adventure for next year. I think it’s going to be epic. I’m so happy to be able to feel some pain, sunshine, headwind, rain, and enjoy the long miles, when I think of what these kids are going through. I’m constantly inspired by their strength and by the generosity of people helping these causes.

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