Announcing the 3,500 Km FUNdraiser Challenge in support of FOSTERSHIP!!


The 3,500 Km Challenge for Fostership: Click here to go to Kids Cancer Care Event Fundraising Page

Fostership and the 3500 Km Challenge

Hi Everyone,

I’m so excited to be heading out on many more self-propslled adventures this summer, some with the family, some with friends, and some long, solo ones! Between June and September, I’ll be trying to cover at least 3,500 Km by a variety of modes such as road-cycling, kayaking, canoeing, and hiking. I am even looking forward to organizing a group spin class and social fundraiser as we get into late September!

All this work and FUN is for a great cause: a Calgary-based charity called Fostership. Seven-year old Foster has spent 3 1/2 years in cancer treatment, diagnosed with leukemia in 2016 at only four years old. The great news is that Foster is finishing a long and successful treatment protocol. Despite the many ups and downs, Foster and his family are strong and do so much to help other cancer patients. Fostership provides much-needed care packages and support for children affected by cancer and their families. The program currently helps families at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, and hopes to expand.

So the 3,500 Km Challenge is dedicated to Foster’s journey, celebrating his recovery, and supporting the many kids and families facing a cancer diagnosis.

Fostership is a proud affiliate of the amazing Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta (KCC). All online funds raised during the 3,500 Km challenge are through KCC’s secure website (see the link below for my KCC Event Page, as well as a link to the Fostership page).

Thanks for you continued support! This work is not possible without the love and help so many of you generously provide.



The 3,500 Km Challenge for Fostership: KCC Fundraising Page

Fostership Webpage

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