Fostership 3500 Km Challenge, Trip 1, Day 5

Kayak: 12.5 Km

Family Hike: 2.4 Km

Spillamacheen to Golden Bike: 67 Km

Highlights of today:

  • Mosquitoes gone with the sunrise (after hordes of them covered the outside of my tent the previous event no)!
  • A morning paddle to Bristol, into a slight headwind and realizing I would not make it to Spillamacheen on the river in time to meet the family at 11 a.m. Easy revision of rendezvous with a quick phone call to home base in Invermere.
  • Hiking with Lorisa, Ryan, James, Brennan, Mio, Jim (just off a plane from Iceland), Bean, Mike and Seb to Lower Bugaboo Falls. I love this raging waterfall and the viewpoint. A lunch stop there while the mosquitoes fed on us!
  • The Icelandic chocolate bar the Jim brought back! Thanks Jim!!
  • Transition unpacking and packing from kayak to Hike to bike.
  • Meeting the owner of the frisbee golf course in Parson and having a great chat.
  • The apologetic drunk couple at the Golden campground. Super nice people that we’re enjoying the Canada Day Weekend, and good to share a laugh with (and thanks for sharing some dinner)!
  • The incredible staff at the Wolf Den Restaurant and Bar in Golden – thanks for serving food late! I was starving. I love this place!

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