Fostership 3,500 Km Challenge, Trip 1, Day 7

Lake Louise to Chateau 10 km

Lake Louise to Calgary 209 Km

Bike Packing

Highlights from Today:

  • It was s rough night for my two Korean friends and me putting up with a drunk guy at the Lake Louise Hostel! All was quiet when I finished my awesome and gigantic meal of sweet potato fries, Beef chili and ice cream and retired to bed. I quickly passed out and probably snored!
  • We awoke with a start to the bright lights from the bathroom and the return of the drunk at about 3 a.m. The next hour was a complete annoyance of the drunk talking to himself, singing, popping cans of beer and rusting and noisily crunching his way through a large bag of chips. Ugh. I quickly got up and went to complain to the front desk next time he went to the bathroom, but it was s cavernous, quiet place illuminated by a computer monitor. Went back to the room, bumped into the drunk and asked him to please go to bed and be quiet. After another bag of chips and a beer, he did retire. Within a minute, a chain saw noise started and would not stop! Arghh!
  • Jaewoo got up and disappeared into the hallway. He later returned and had some sets of ear plugs. What a god send! Thanks Jaewoo!
  • We three awoke at 6:30 and didn’t spare any noise and commotion. I quickly packed, complained to the front desk and went for breakfast with Jaewoo and Jin. Good times!
  • I left my gear at the hostel ad cycled up to Lake Louise. There was already a rush of RVs on the narrow road and tourist mayhem at the top. I strolled around and got some photos. After raining most of the night, the sun made an appearance. Great to run into the group of youth and leaders from Two Wheel View here and to chat with Shasta.
  • After a nice descent back to the hostel, I met a guy who is bike packing backroads and trails from Alaska to Argentina – and busking on classical guitar on the way. Cool!
  • Time to get on the road (already late morning) for the long ride to Calgary. This was a fun day of mountain vistas from the Bow Valley Parkway, a grizzly bear sighting, the Legacy Trail through Banff and Canmore, and the quiet 1A highway back through the foothills..
  • It was well into evening (around 8 pm) by the time I ascended the long, final hill out of Cochrane! Never easy, and extremely hard with a load of bike packing gear!
  • After a quick stop to see Brian and Candace, I was home….exhausted! What a fantastic trip, made better by all the people along the way, including the drinkers!
  • This marks the end of the first of three big trips. The next tour takes me to Emma Lake,SK FOR A FAMILY REUNION. And then it’s time to paddle the Bow River in early September.


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